Original Artwork

An original oil painting is hand crafted using oil paint, mediums, and finished with a protecting varnish. 

Original oil paintings are commonly on a linen canvas, birch panels, or board- these details are specified in product details for available paintings.

All original paintings are shipped in custom built wood shipping crates using UPS 2-Day Delivery, to ensure a safe and prompt delivery.

An original illustration is a detailed study commonly using graphite and/or carbon pencils on an acid-free heavy weight paper.

All original illustrations are securely packaged flat, and shipped using UPS 2-Day Delivery, to ensure a safe and prompt delivery.

All original artwork is slowly crafted from concept to finish using high quality materials, to execute Amanda’s commitment to archival quality to last for years to come.

Framing options are not available…yet. As the studio continues to grow through your valued support, Amanda plans to offer framing options in the near future.

Commissioned Work

Commissioned artwork is an original and custom piece, where Amanda works closely with a client in bringing their vision to life. This is commonly done with gun dog portraits.

Commissions can be done as either an oil painting or graphite illustration.

We have a full page dedicated to commissions that you can review here.

As a summary:

- Once a client has reached out to Amanda for a commissioned piece, together they will discuss the details and vision of the commission.

- When reference photos are required from the client (such as with gun dog portraits), they must be evaluated and approved for quality.

- Once photo(s) are approved, a contract agreement must be signed, along with a 50% payment to secure an available opening.

- Once booked, Amanda will provide a digital rough “mock-up” of the commission for the client to review, and approve before moving forward with the original piece.

- After completion of the commision, Amanda will send photos/scan of the piece to the client for review and approval, to ensure complete satisfaction.

- The remaining 50% of the balance will then be due prior to shipment.

Only commissions based on wildlife and/or gun dog subjects will be considered. 

Commissions including people will not be accepted.

Commission work that requires researched references not acquired by either party, are subject to possible additional fees, and a custom quote.

Reference photos are approved by overall quality- though not necessarily professional quality. Most phones take great photos.

In order to include natural color and finer detail accuracy in a commissioned piece, these must be translated accordingly through the reference photo.

Clients must own copyrights of provided reference photos. When using photos taken by another photographer, the client is responsible for obtaining permission to use the photo as a reference.

Some things to consider while choosing/taking your reference photo:

Utilizing natural daylight will significantly improve the quality of your photos. The first and last light of the day (known as golden hour), is prime time for taking photos. Overcast days provide ideal photo opportunities as well. 

For typical gun dog portraits, make sure you focus on the finer details in your dog’s eyes and coat. Bright eyes can make or break your reference photo, as capturing the eyes is significantly important in creating a portrait. 

When taking reference photos of your gun dog, for best results make sure photos are taken on eye level with your dog.

When commissioning a piece with multiple dogs, it is not required their photos are taken together. Multiple photos can be used and edited to create one reference photo. This includes plugging in specific backgrounds as well. Don’t be afraid of taking too many photos of anything you would like to be included in your commission.

Amanda is more than happy to assist clients with choosing photos, and help in any way.

For local clients, Amanda does offer photography services for commision reference purposes. Additional service fees apply.

Standard commission pricing is based on a size basis. Amanda offers standard sizes, though custom sizes can be individually quoted.

Additional charges may apply with additional reference photo services, such as local photography services, extended reference editing, and the use of other reference photos not provided by either party.

All commissions are split up into two 50% payments. Other payment plans can be requested and considered.

Due to a limited number of available openings, and a high demand for commission work, the average timeline for a commissioned piece varies depending on a client’s booked date. The actual project timeline depends on the size and medium of the commission.

Commissions are booked on a first come first serve basis, and commonly book quickly for the year. Once all available openings are booked for the current year, Amanda will close accepting all new commission work, in an effort of limiting extended waiting periods.

Side Note: Most commissions are quickly booked by newsletter subscribers, who receive first word of commission openings. It is not uncommon for an entire year to book within a few days/weeks. Please reach out here for questions or requesting information concerning how to be ready to secure the next available opening when announced.


A limited artist proof edition print are reproductions of an original piece that are personally hand inspected, signed, and numbered by Amanda Ballengee. Artist proof editions are considered to be a limited print, meaning only a limited number of them are available, increasing their rarity and value. Artist proof editions are commonly limited to under 100 prints.

All limited artist proof edition prints are securely packaged flat, and shipped through UPS to ensure a prompt and safe delivery.

Prints can’t be necessarily printed on demand, though interest and requests of prints are welcomed, and will be considered if there is a demand.

Product Care

Though all artwork is created with top quality materials to ensure archival quality, there are some recommendations of safe practices. Try to avoid hanging artwork where it will be exposed to direct sunlight for an extended period of time. For illustrations and prints that will be framed, we highly recommend using high grade UV protection glass or acrylic.

When cleaning original pieces, we recommend using a soft brush (natural hair brushes work great) to gently remove any dust.

When handling artwork, be cautious when handling with your bare hands, as oils and dirt can easily transfer. With original graphite illustrations, be aware minimal graphite can transfer with any contact with the surface. Be careful when removing from a plastic sleeve, avoid any contact with the surface. Again, a soft natural haired brush is great for removing any excess graphite dust, or simply blowing away dust will work as well.

Partnerships, Collabs, & Donations

Donations and discounts are available for non-profit organizations. To be considered, please fill out this form, or directly reach out here with any additional questions and information

Amanda is available to discuss partnerships with organizations, publications, and companies, through appropriate licensing agreements. Please reach out here with any questions or proposals.

Amanda is more than happy to collaborate with brands she supports, and shares common ground with. Please reach out with any questions or proposals here.

Amanda is always looking for new exposure, and opportunities to meet and build new relationships. Please reach out here with any questions or recommendations of any events that may be a great fit.

Shipping & Returns

All orders usually ship within 24 hours

Only when the order has yet to be dispatched can you change your shipping address. To do so, please reach out promptly with necessary information here

Only in the event a product is damaged during shipment, the product must be returned within 30 days of purchase, in order to receive a refund or exchange, after inspection and confirmation of damage. We are not responsible for stolen or lost packages, packages sent to the wrong address, or for refunding or replacing packages in these cases. All other purchases are final and nonrefundable. Please email here to report shipment damage, and start the return process.

At this time, Amanda does not have an open studio to accommodate local pickups. Though for original artwork and commissions, Amanda will work with clients for a personal delivery at a local and mutual location. Please reach out here with any questions or requests.

Have another question?

Please reach out to us here. We aim to respond within 24 hours.